Sunday, October 4, 2009



At around 10:00 p.m. on October 1, 2009, Wahoo, Nebraska police stopped a van driving Dana Beal, Chris Ryan, and Jay Stetzer back from the NORML Conference in San Francisco. In a land resembling the cornfields of Oz, county police wanted to know who these “Martians” were; they “noticed” that a trailer-hitch obscured the vehicle’s license place and stopped them to have a look.

All three men were charged with possession with intent to distribute and possession with intent to deliver 150 lbs. of marijuana.

Dana may also be charged as a “habitual criminal” – carrying a sentence of 10 years to LIFE!! This is a separate charge in addition to this case and is meant to put “career criminals” behind bars forever. Regardless of his innocence in this case, the government may try to shelve him for the rest of his life.

It is past time to STAND UP.

Criminals are predators. They are the ones who would steal a grandmother’s life savings or rape a jogger. Criminals rob banks and shoot bystanders. Guns and violence are the tools of their trade.

Current critics complain that marijuana makes people passive. If so, it doesn’t make them criminal. You can’t have it both ways.

Don’t allow Dana to be snared by the system forever. Those of us who know him recognize his eccentricities. But he has helped countless thousands find relief from spasms, pain, glaucoma, cancer, and other illnesses. Countless junkies who had no hope left AT LAST found a cure with ibogaine. Dana even stopped many folks from making the mistake of becoming involved with dangerous drugs in the first place.

This chapter of our nation’s history will eventually be shown for the shame that it is. Stout hearted activists, brave your fear and help these people unfairly snarled by the corrupt policies of an unjust system. When history is corrected, these brave souls will be correctly portrayed as heroes. But in the mean time…..

We need to get Dana, Chris, and Jay out of jail and help them prepare their defense. The initial hearing is scheduled for November 10, 2009.

Bail is:

----$50,000 (10% of $500,000) for DANA

----$10,000 each (10% of $100,000) for Chris and Jay

If they cannot make bail, they may never get out. They will be led into court in orange jumpsuits with their hands shackled to their feet.

THIS WILL NOT FLY IN THE LAND OF OZ! IF you are sick and tired of the government treating us like criminals, making us look like criminals, then you need to help right NOW.

A dedicated Paypal site has been set up where you can DONATE and put your money where your thoughts and prayers are.
make your donations payable
contact us via or call 347-962-5024

IF 500 of us give just $100, or if 100 just give $500, that’s over $50,000! Note that large loans toward bail will be returned after trial. Also, additional funds other than bail will be needed for legal defense fees.

This is more than doable, folks. So dig in. Put off going out to dinner this weekend and instead Donate Free to Dana. If you don’t have the funds, ask your friends. Host a weekend party. Raise $100 or $500! If they can do it for Tupperware, we can do it for Dana!!

Donate to Free Dana today!